The forest of Madame Laurence BEAUFILS DE SAINT VINCENT née ESTEVENON


Planting the first tree

Let's plant together!

The procedure to add trees in a udiana is very simple:

  1. Select a species
  2. Add the quantity and supplementary information
  3. Confirm and pay via the secure payment module

 1  Select a species

The first step is to choose a species of trees.

The [Details] button displays the photo and information about the chosen species.

Click on the [select] button to select a tree and proceed with step 2.

This species is no longer available.

It no longer exists in the catalog or quotas are met for this plantation

All plantations Bore, Kenya Eden Project, Madagascar La Pedregosa, Colombia Usambara, Tanzania
Eucalyptus cinerea (Bore, Kenya)
17 m 100 years 375 Kg
6.40 € Details
Loading in progress...
Casuarina equisetifolia (Bore, Kenya)
25 m 50 years 270 Kg
5.00 € Details
Loading in progress...
Moringa oleifera (Bore, Kenya)
10 m 20 years 25 Kg
7.00 € Details
Loading in progress...
Avecennia marina (Eden Project, Madagascar)
10 m 25 years 40 Kg
4.85 € Details
Loading in progress...
Acacia mangium (La Pedregosa, Colombia)
20 m 100 years 220 Kg
11.00 € Details
Loading in progress...
Grevillea robusta (Usambara, Tanzania)
20 m 130 years 300 Kg
4.90 € Details
Loading in progress...
Cupressus lusitanica (Usambara, Tanzania)
40 m 160 years 150 Kg
5.00 € Details
Loading in progress...
Ceriops tagal (Eden Project, Madagascar)
25 m 25 years 40 Kg
8.00 € Details
Loading in progress...
Azadirachta indica (Bore, Kenya)
20 m 150 years 500 Kg
4.85 € Details
Loading in progress...

 2   Add the quantity and your information

The tree is selected.

Just choose the amount, add additional information, and to close the addition of a tree, pay via the secure process.

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