Quercus petraea

plantation: Restauration Forêts dégradées, France


Common names: ChĂȘne sessile
Type of foliage:
Life expectancy: 300 years
Total weight of CO2 captured: 140 Kg
Height: 40 m


Quercus petraea, or sessile oak, is a resilient deciduous tree native to France. Known for its sturdy trunk and lobed leaves, it reaches impressive heights and displays vibrant autumn foliage. This species contributes to the landscape's beauty, supports wildlife with acorns, and symbolizes enduring connections in memorial practices, enhancing its ecological and emotional significance.
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Usefulness of the tree

In France, Quercus petraea, or sessile oak, holds diverse local utility. Its high-quality wood is valued for construction, furniture, and flooring. As a source of acorns, it supports wildlife. The tree's cultural role extends to memorial practices, fostering emotional connections. Additionally, its carbon-sequestering ability contributes to environmental sustainability.
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