Souvenir forest?

The forest-memory is personal. It brings together all the trees planted in commemoration of a person.

A forest-memory is to remember. A place of symbolic commemoration, easy to share, where you can easily gather whenever you want. A souvenir forest is also about planting new trees on all occasions.

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Why create a souvenir forest?

The souvenir forest is both a garden of the senses and a park-memory where it is good to stroll to meet the missing person, his memories, the new state of his life. In this space, the trees take root deeply. They symbolize the strength of remembrance, the survival of the missing person; they populate a place that lasts in time, where we willingly return when the desire takes us ...

The souvenir forest is a virtual place that brings together all the souvenir trees of a person whose memory we want to celebrate.

Each tree planted slightly reinforces the "second life", the remembrance that we share.

The forest is nevertheless well anchored in reality since each tree is really planted for the benefit of a plantation selected for its fight for the climate, reforestation, sustainable and equitable development or the fight against poverty.
Each tree has a Tree-Nation certificate that authenticates its planting.

Creating a forest for someone means celebrating their memory, sharing it easily through the Internet and planting for the planet.

For whom to create a souvenir forest?

For everyone! And to share with everyone.

For family members, for dear friends, for these acquaintances or celebrities. A forest of remembrance is remembering, sharing and planting!

And now?

Now we must act: remember, share and plant!

Create a udiana and share it. Or visit the existing udianas and add trees and marks of sympathy.